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Fujian Light Article Industry Imp. & Exp. Association


Service Scope

FJLAA has been actively running its business while holding onto the developing guideline of “services being the core, projects promote development”.


Service provision has been the reason for FJLAA to exist.

  (I) Running of general affairs

  1. To promote and execute self-discipline of the industry; to formulate regulations, encourage internal communication and cooperation; to combat illegitimate competition.

  2. To organize and plan domestic and international exhibitions, fairs, as well as other professional markets; to construct platforms for foreign trade.

  3. To collect state-of-the-art trade information; to organize the research and development of new materials, new accessory materials, as well as promotion and application of new products of such.

  4. To establish a mechanism for logistics of the trade and package purchase of main materials and accessories; to aid member enterprises to reduce operation costs.

  5. To constantly cater to the requirements of market development; to actively explore new channels and media for export and to promote such.

  6. To encourage the establishment of the principle of credible trade in the industry; to respect and protect intellectual property of the sector; to create and maintain famous brand of the trade.

  7. To protect the legitimate interests of the members; to resolve the disputes arising between members, between members and non-members, and between members and consumers.

  8. To guide and assist the members in sorting out disputes related to foreign trade; to complain and respond to complaints on anti-dumping, anti-allowances.

  9. To offer certificates of origin for exports, for the credibility of the member enterprises, as well as other relevant industrial and commercial certificates and appraisals.

  To host training sessions, lectures, seminars and other exchanges relevant to the industry; to assist the member enterprises in training technicians and managerial personnel.

  10. To hold parties and activities to facilitate exchanges among the members and to reinforce friendship.

  11. To organize and develop public welfare causes for the import and export of light industry and arts-crafts; to carry out other activities that will contribute to the progress of the industry.

(II) Forming of an information service center

  1. To strengthen the link to institutes, academic groups, consulting agencies home and abroad; to organize and establish a training center for the trade; to realize the strategy of offering all-round talents; to enhance the overall management level Fujian light article import and export industry; to serve as a talent tank for the development of the industry.

  2. To compile and publish journals of the Association; to set up a website; to collect, analyze, and disclose up-to-date information of the industry at home and abroad; to offer trade-related consultation to the members.

  3. To constitute a databank for the information of enterprises and businesses for enquiries.

(III) Promoting industrial alliances

  1. To organize studying tours around China and abroad; to reinforce the out-bound cooperation and exchanges; to establish friendly cooperation with domestic and foreign business organizations so as to provide the members with more business opportunities.

  2. To reinforce lateral economic ties with commercial associations and leading enterprises of the trade at home and abroad as well as in H.K., Macao, and Taiwan; to promote business alliances and boost the overall competitiveness of the industry.

(IV) Reinforcing the link with government

  1. To reinforce the link with government; to bring the role of a bridge between the government and enterprises to a full display.

  2. To study and learn relevant policies, laws, and regulations of the CPC and the government well so as to maximize the benefit of the policy resources.

  3. To carry out investigations and analyses of the industry; to offer opinions and suggestions to the government in decision-making; to promote sustainable development of the trade.

  4. To undertake affairs entrusted by the government, social organizations, and the members, or those affairs as required by relevant laws and regulations.


Projects shall be the inexhaustible momentum for the development of FJLAA.

(I) The projects can be categorized to those of the Association and of the members in terms of the projects’ sources:

  1. Projects of the Association refer to those that have been decided upon collective studies of the discussing body of the Association and obtained thereafter by utilizing the resources, priorities and influence of the Association.

  2. Projects of the members refer to those that have been obtained by members through their own influence and information channels, for which the Association serves only as a carrier for overtaking.

(II) The principle of “one-discussion-for-one-project” shall be carried out in managing of the projects of the Association as well as of the member enterprises. The discussing body of the Association shall have different stipulations with regard to the actual operation of different projects.

(III) To increase scientificalness and workability of the projects and overcome randomness and blindness, the Association shall set up working committees if necessary. The committees shall consist of a director, deputy directors, committee members, professional organs and personnel, as well as a project secretariat whose main responsibilities include:

  1. Carrying out preparatory studies and appraisal to stringently assure the properness of the project.

  2. Executing resolution(s) of the Association that concerns the project, studying and formulation of a working plan, organizing feasibility studies and generating reports.

  3. Studying and laying down conditions and means to provide the member enterprises with priority projects, negotiating with investors and reaching agreements, formulating working proposals to be submitted for approval at relevant authorities if necessary.

  4. Guiding and supervising the secretariat over the work concerning the project.

  5. Once the project is on the right track, the working committee shall transfer its responsibilities to the secretariat before halting of operation and resolution.


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