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Guide to Application for Membership

I. Requirements:

 1.The applicant(s) shall acknowledge the “Articles of Association”, abide by the “Joint Pledge of Members”, “Organizational Approaches of Membership”, “Operational Rules”, and other relevant administrating regulations;

 2. The applicant(s) shall voluntarily fulfill the responsibilities required of members, spontaneously obey all resolutions;

 3. The applicant(s) shall have the will to join this Association;

 4. Recommendation by 5 member enterprises shall be required;

 5. The applicant(s) shall be manufacturer(s) or international trade company (companies) that engages in dealing of light industrial articles, arts-crafts, and supporting enterprise(s), information enterprise(s) that engages in import/export of light industrial articles, arts-crafts, or entity (entities) and individual(s) that is closely related to the trade;
II. Admission:
 1. The applicant(s) shall obtain an “Application Form” and “Guide to Application for Membership” at the secretariat of Fujian Light Article Industry Import & Export Association (FJLAA.), study to the word the “Articles of Association”, “Joint Pledge of Members”, and “Organizational Approaches of Membership”, and relevant documents;

 2. Fill in the “Application Form”, find 5 or more member enterprises to sign for recommendation;
 3. The applicant(s) shall submit the following materials to the secretariat of the Association for approval:

  (1) The “Application Form”;

  (2) An effective duplicate of the attachment of the “Business License” that has passed the annual verification (for enterprises) or an effective duplicate of the attachment of the registration license of social entities (for collectives), or an effective duplicate of the ID card (for individuals);

  (3) The signed “Joint Pledge of Members”;

  (4) Duplicates of relevant certificates that prove the strength and credibility of the applicant(s);

 4. The secretariat shall have an “Interview with the director(s) of the applying enterprise(s)”, the director(s) shall confirm “Instructions to Membership”;

 5. The secretariat of the Association shall be responsible for verifying relevant materials before submitting any opinion to the Council Director’s Meeting for approval and informing all the other members;

 6. The secretariat of the Association shall send an “Invitation Letter of Membership”;

 7. On receiving the “Invitation Letter of Membership” and paying of membership dues, the applicant(s) shall become a formal member of the Association and shall enjoy rights and fulfill responsibilities as stipulated in the “Articles of Association”;

 8. The secretariat of the Association shall issue a Membership Certificate, a membership plate as well as other relevant materials to the new member(s).

(III) For further information, please contact
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