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Pursuing Eminence, Leading The Industry To Prosper!

——A Brief Introduction of FJLAA


  Approved by the Fujian Provincial Government, Fujian Light Article Industry Import & Export Association (FJLAA) was voluntarily founded by a group of leading, prominent enterprises in the light article industry on June 28th, 2003. It is the province and even the nation’s first non-government trade organization to protect and facilitate the common interests and development of the enterprises of the industry.

  Upholding the tenets of advancement with the times, exploration along with innovation, self-discipline of the industry, self-regulation, and maintenance of credibility, FJLAA saves no efforts in boosting the overall competitiveness of the enterprises, in facilitating intra-trade information exchange and cooperation, in vindicating the common interests of enterprises and optimum social images of the industry and in serving as the step-stone for an orderly and healthy development of the industry!

  In accordance with the requirements of an exalted starting point, a climactic standard, and the nature of being advanced and representative, FJLAA has so far enlisted 140 distinguished enterprises of the industry for its members, whose annual total output reaches 8.57 billion Yuan with and export volume of 1.072 billion US dollars; and whose number of employees reaches 45 thousand (4 thousand of whom are R&D employees).

  To make the Association a truly reliable home to all the members, FJLAA tops the interests and needs of the members for the starting point of all their endeavors, aiming to exist for the existence of the enterprises, and prosper along with the need of the enterprises. The past 3 years has seen FJLAA exerting efforts in beneficial explorations and trials for “its self-construction, serving the members, and developing the industry” under the working guideline of “ services being the core and projects promoting development”. In particular, it has completed a lot of constructive work in accordance with its aim for self-development and the feature of serving the economy, harvesting heaps of benign responses among the industry both domestically and abroad:

  ---It successfully organized “China (Guangzhou) Jinhan Gifts, Household & Decoration Fair”, which is comparable to Guangzhou Trade Fair, forming an important bridge for international trade of Chinese Arts-Crafts, gifts, households for daily use for fully-reinforced domestic participants and shrewd foreign buyers outstandingly;

  ---In order to shape a strong brand name, to establish an exhibition base for the industry, to reduce the exhibition cost and to facilitate the long-term interests of the Association’s member enterprises, FJLAA co-sponsored the 4th Xiamen Gift & Home Decoration Show with China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts, Fujian Provincial Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, Xiamen Municipal Trade Development Bureau and Xiamen Arts and Crafts (IMP&EXP) Association.

  ---Facing the trend of eastward relocation of the Canton Fair, FJLAA is currently dedicated to the establishment of a distinctive, well-recognized exhibition complex in Pazhou, Guangzhou according to the standards and positioning of the first class exhibitions in Frankfurt and Atlanta.

  ---FJLAA made an announcement of coordinated price increase of resin art crafts in collaboration with Xiamen Arts and Crafts (IMP&EXP) Association to protect the interests of the industry against the challenges of the shortage of labor and electric power and increasing prices of raw materials.

  ---To protect the interests of the industry against the challenges of the adjustments of RMB exchange rates and of national policies governing tax returns of export items, FJLAA issued an announcement of coordinated price increases on October 15th, 2006 together with six trade associations in major production areas of arts and crafts products such as Fujian Home Decorative Accessories Import & Export Association, Xiamen Arts and Crafts (Import & Export) Association, Minhou County Arts and Crafts Trade Association, and Dehua County Ceramic Trade Association.

  ---FJLAA is constructing the HeadquarterBuilding for Fujian Light Article Industry Association in Xiamen in conformity with the requirement of “high starting point, high standard, high level and high intelligence”. The building will cover a total construction floorage of 50,000 square meters and will serve as “the head office of the Association, R&D base and exhibition center”.

  ---In order to realize the goal of achieving optimal integration and shaping the overall industrial advantage, FJLAA is planning the construction of the “Arts and Crafts Industrial Park” in Xiang’an (over 2 million square meters) and the “Zhongcang Arts and Crafts Industrial Park” in Haicang (500,000 square meters).

  ---FJLAA strives to strengthen the business alliances with other trade organizations/associations and production areas both in China and abroad and to gradually establish a united and influential platform of barter and commerce within the light article industry.

  ---FJLAA is dedicated to the construction of an international R&D information platform, with an aim to promote the industry’s transformation and upgrading of sales and manufacturing and its overall enhancement.

  ---FJLAA actively plans the establishment of FujianPoly-technicalSchool of Light Article Industry and aims at shaping it into the training base to provide talents for the industry’s future development.

  ---It has been striving to cultivate an Association culture of “ emphasizing efficiency & pursuing eminence”, turn the Association into an organization that is “top-notch in the industry, leading domestically, and internationally comparable”, and establish a popular brand for the industry.

  The excellent working mechanism of this non-government association, farsightedness and insight of the leadership, and generous support of the members have led FJLAA to success. The working experience of the past 3 years also fully manifests FJLAA’s features ofbeing “self-initiated, scientifically-run, far-reaching, practical, internationally-oriented, and group preponderance”.

  In future, FJLAA shall still aim to “serve its member enterprises for improvement of the industry” while holding onto the guideline of “service being the core and projects promoting development”, going all out to “expand international market share, forming a platform for international trade, integrating internal strengths of the trade for reinforcement of the comprehensive competitiveness”, bridging government-enterprise and enterprise-enterprise communication. FJLAA shall strive to turn itself into a wonderful platform for the soaring of the trade of light industrial articles from a higher starting point, with greater momentum, solid work, and pioneering and enterprising courage.

  Pursuing eminence shall be the eternal aspiration of FJLAA. FJLAA shall be ever ready to start active and extensive communication and multi-level cooperation with people of the same industry at home and abroad. It shall be the sincere hope of FJLAA to win wide cooperation, support and assistance that combine to promise a magnificent future.


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